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Meet Brendan

I've been involved with the E-Commerce scene since early 2019 and seen firsthand the huge growth in specifically online retail arbitrage. I have extensive experience with AWS ec2 servers, developing server images, proxy creation, and nearly every form of automated checkout software on the market. Charge Premium members will get full access to our support from the staff team that I trained as well as the guides and templates that I develop. Feel free to reach out to me at

Meet Nolan

Nolan has been developing automated bots for the past two years and was recently brought onto the team to use his expertise to improve Charge’s reselling selection. As lead bot developer, he both develops software and coordinates with our other bot developers to create the most effective bots for Charge.

Meet Connor

I went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I received my B.S. and Masters in Computer Science. Out of college, I worked as a software engineer at Tableau and then on the ads team at Instagram. As project manager at Charge, I work on an algorithm to automate finding opportunities for new high margin products to buy and sell.

Meet Adarsh

Adarsh has worked on projects involving web scraping, automated browsing, and data parsing since 2016. As a developer at Charge Resell, Adarsh is currently developing the company’s algorithm to aggregate product information. This will allow consumers to buy at optimal times and prices.